The town of Sozopol has population of about 6,000 people and is situated 30km south of Burgas (210,000 inhabitans), 35km from the international airport Burgas, 430km east of the capital Sofia and 340km north of Istanbul. The town lies on a small rocky peninsula in the farthest southern part of the Burgas Bay. A one hundred-meter long strip of land connects it to the mainland. From 1925 on, the town has expanded in the direction of the Harmanite Area (the so-called 'new town').
An excellent public transport (high-frequency bus lines, route taxis, minibuses and ordinary taxis) connect Sozopol to Burgas and to the airport as well as to cities and villages along the coast and in the country-interior. Boat lines connect Sozopol to Istanbul, Burgas and Varna.